About Mission 2 Pluto initiative !

Sometime we run out of ideas to find unexplored destinations especially if you are an off-beat traveller. 

That's why we have created Mission 2 Pluto, to give you tips on new travel plans and some ideas for your next off beat travel destinations. Most of us wish if travelling was free, we would only be travelling. Unfortunately the world is not built that way. So we have come up with some monetisation options if you are a travel blogger or a travel vlogger to self support your next travel plans.

When travellers talk about their experiences, more people listen and it kindles their wishes to travel more.

We have also created a Traveller Wish Well, where you can drop in your travel wishes and we will keep posting them on Mission 2 Pluto and let the universe hear your wishes through us and it could respond if you are lucky !

Keep visiting Mission 2 Pluto Portal and keep exploring. 

#TravelForever with #Mission2Pluto

An initiative by Arunkanth, Independent Filmmaker, Info Pluto Media Works.